Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shoes Are Optional Contest!

My Shoes Are Optional theme is for Mommy's to be inspired, get ideas, and vent! Let's face it, being a Mom is not an easy job! We work, build, create, shop, organize, prioritize, and devote all our time to our little one's. Hence, are shoe's optional? I personally always forget shoes, getting changed out of PJ's, or even remembering an appointment for myself!

To kick off my new blog, I'd like to first alert any potential readers or followers of my contest. Alert other readers of Shoes Are Optional or list your favorite part of being a mom and post your information to the comments section! You may have the opportunity to win this gift set from Craftsbury Kids from Dapper.
Remember, you need to invite other readers to the site through either your own blog or post why you love being a mommy! Good luck!